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Preston Clive


Fill in your own blanks, Tradesters! (Image copyright Matthew West)

With growing at leaps and bounds, ie the recent acquisition of Just2Trade and LowTrades brands from Washington D.C.-based online broker Success Trade Securities, Inc, this is a good a time as any to sit down and create a chance for everyone to know everyone else.

They call me Clive. You may have seen my content sitting around throughout the day as you go about your business on our site--executing your trades, picking up information from one another, keeping abreast of the news and fresh content, creating your own posts, and getting to know this vital community network of sharp and incisive info sharing. 

My name is Preston Clive and I work alongside the management and ownership in this intelligence-network par excellence as a chief staff writer, and content editor. I have a long history as a blogger, online marketer, and writer of published books, magazine articles, and online editorials. You'll usually catch me around here putting up what I hope are challenging forecasts, lucrative contests, plus op-ed articles on the state of politics, finance, and culture, and more (fans of classic cinema can visit Clive Cinema Jive, and also use our sister site on which it resides as the newest and most exciting blogging platform out there today).   

But enough about me--we all want to get to know all of you, whether or not you are new to the platform or have been here for awhile: what you trade, how long you have been investing, and anything else you might like to say about yourself.

You don't have to give your real of course and may just do so under your WT handle. But as I and the management here have loads of super excellent projects and ideas in the works for you all, it's critical that we get a roll call going to welcome the newcomers and hear from you all. 

So-------ROLL CALL!! Give me your handle, your age if you want, and in addition to/in lieu of the basics of what you trade or how long you've been doing so, unload to us your biggest political or fiscal policy pet peeve from either government, banks, rating agencies, anything. What are you most passionate about?

Also, critique WhoTrades. Tell us what you would change about the site here. What wouldn't you change about the site here? What are we getting dead right, and dead wrong? This site is your property and you have every opportunity to shape it to your needs, 


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