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Preston Clive

Tycoon Grandson Andrew Getty Found Dead: Cause: Rectal Area Trauma

A photo of Andrew posted onto Facebook in 2011 with the tag line "On a boat, 1991." 

Andrew Getty, the grandson of the legendary billionaire oil tycoon John Paul Getty was found dead yesterday in his sprawling Hollywood Hills home, and the cause of death, for the time being, despite it's odd nature, is being reported by the authorities as "natural," but an "accident." The cause is being described thus by the Daily News:

The grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty was found dead in his L.A. home Tuesday with an injury to his rectal area, likely the result of an accident or from natural causes, the coroner confirmed.

The police / emergency services were called to the Getty mansion at roughly 2pm yesterday afternoon, by Getty's ex-girlfriend (with whom there is a bit of a law enforcement history) as she reported to the dispatcher that Getty was having difficulty breathing and was obviously in significant trouble. On arrival, the emergency services found Getty in cardiac arrest. 

Getty had been no stranger to health problems. According to Los Angeles County coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter.

"The tentative information that we do have is that he was not feeling good for the last couple months," Winter said. "And he supposedly had an appointment tomorrow with a personal physician."

Where the "accident" contributes to the "natural" causes is unknown at this point, although there was an indication in the reporting that some drugs were found at the scene. Whether these were recreational or legitimate prescription is unclear, but what we do know is that the police had been called to the Getty mansion over thirty times since Andrew acquired it in 1996--authorities had on occasion found drugs there in the past.

Another element playing into the scenario is that of the ex-girlfriend; to say that the relationship between the two seems a gentle understatement, as the giant chunk of those thirty-plus 911 calls to the house concerned disturbances involving the ex girlfriend, against whom Getty had secured a restraining order. There is also talk (which may or may not refer to the ex girlfriend) about a female causing a great deal of ruckus on the scene that was institutionalized.

We know that the girlfriend was the one who called authorities, but we know little else. According to the LA Times, a "security hold" has been placed on the coroner's file, which basically commands that no details be given out for the duration of the hold. For the police's part, they had this to say (via LA Times):

LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith, a department spokesman, cautioned that it was still “very, very early in the investigation” but said that based on initial observations, “this does not appear immediately to be a criminal act.

So what does this all mean in the end? It means .  .  .  don't be in such a rush to envy the lives of the mega-billionaires of the world! When life hands you everything without work, all you have left to do is sit around and deteriorate mentally. There is a saying that my father liked to repeat when I was a child: "An idle mind is the devil's playground," and that maxim seems to have been in great evidence here. The human mind needs to strive, to work, to look forward to things, to expend hopeful energy with excitement. When those things are removed, decay sets in. The background of the Getty family is legendary for its incidents of angst, crime, drugs, kidnappings, untimely death and suicide and much more. 

Condolences to the Getty family who have understandably requested privacy during what is no doubt an extremely sad time. A spokesperson for the dynasty said: 

“The family has requested that members of the media and the public respect its privacy during this extremely difficult time,”

 Preston Clive


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